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We are Chennai, India based  Deep Tech company. We take pride is sharing our experience to bring meaningful solutions that are modelled after core engineering principles and deliver superior results.

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ProfileBoT's - AI based profile analysis engine

Imagine the time saved, if 100's of profiles are shortlisted in seconds

    ProfileBOT is an automated, machine learning based profile analysis engine. It can deep-analyze and compare hundreds of profiles across multiple disciplines, domains and skillsets in seconds and provide comprehensive reporting based on its built in cognitive algorithms

Add / Upload "Job Description"

Upload any number of profiles
only docx & pdf formats please
Click analysis button '&' get 15+ fitment and other metrics in seconds.
Download as pdf instantly



What can you do with our report?

Get job fitment percentage

Helps recruiters to quickly shortlist

Conduct interviews

Helps interview panel conduct objective interviews

15 + metrics generated from a single profile, helps interview panel to assess based on skillsets

Management views

5+ metrics generated from a single profile, helps management understand candidate better

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